Client Massage Testimonials

Here are some words from our customers about their experience.  As we continue to grow, and build our online presence,we appreciate any honest feedback from our clients. Thanks!

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★★★★★ “Casey is great. My body frame is small, and I’ve had a hard time finding a therapist that can give enough pressure – whether it’s fear of my size, gender, etc. And, although therapeutic massage isn’t all about DEEP pressure, it is important for a therapist to have range! Casey takes good care. He listens, performs, and always comes through. He’s also really great about accommodating my schedule – something I truly appreciate!! It doesn’t hurt that he also has a degree in a related field, adding more knowledge and skill to the whole experience.”
Linda P, Google

★★★★★ “I am so happy to have found Casey!! He was very professional, knowledgable, friendly and great at his job. The offices are in a great location, are clean, and relaxing. Before the sports massage, Casey listened to my problems and tailored the session based off of my needs. I’ve been to several sports therapists throughout the US and abroad, and Casey tops the list. Not only did I get a great deep tissue massage that will hopefully help me be injury free for my upcoming marathon, but I also learned different stretches and exercises to do in between my sessions.  Casey went above and beyond, and sent me a follow-up email on additional exercises to do. Hands down….I will be back!”
Simone C, Yelp

★★★★★ ”I just finished massage #3 with Casey. I feel a world of difference from when I started seeing him just a couple months ago! Casey was able to identify several areas of tightness in my muscles and joints that have been causing pain and tenderness in both my day-to-day life and when I work out. He was able to confirm areas of muscle imbalance that I knew I needed to work on, and taught me about areas I have been neglecting.  In addition to releasing the tight areas through massage, Casey gave me homework to do, including specific stretches, foam rolling, and strength-building exercises. He demonstrates each exercise in the gym within the building for those of us who need a visual reference. I think I’m addicted to these massages, because every time I leave I feel like I’m walking on air and can even breathe easier. Casey’s rate is comparable to other massages I have received in the area, and he offers packages as well. If you have sports-related pain or muscle imbalance, Casey’s massages are well-worth the price and have given me fantastic results.”
Gemma H, Yelp

★★★★★ “I have seen Casey a few times for work on my neck and back. I have a desk job and use a computer a lot so I get pain from sitting too much and leaning forward. Casey gives excellent work and he takes his time to REALLY work out the troubled areas. I am really impressed with his knowledge of the body and postural issues. The exercises and stretches he has shown me to do at home to help relieve my pain when having to sit all day have really helped too. I won’t see anyone else!”
Ashley M, Insider Pages

★★★★★ “After much searching I have finally found a massage therapist who understands an athletes body! I have been an avid runner for the past five years, but I always have issues with the muscles in my legs when I start training for my next marathon. They get so tight that it’s incredibly painful, and regardless of the icing and stretching I do, I end up missing training days. My first time in to see Casey I knew right away I had found my new massage therapist! He was able to work wonders on my muscles and relieved the soreness and tightness so I could get back on track!! He also worked with me to develop a massage plan based on my training schedule, which not a lot of massage therapist seem to take the time to do. It showed me that he really cared about his clients. I have been back to see Casey a few times and my training is going better than it ever has before! I can’t wait for my next marathon, thanks Casey!!”
Maria H, Yelp

★★★★★ “Casey is a great therapist! A knee surgery left me with scar tissue and tight muscles from overcompensation; working with Casey has provided me pain relief, decreased stiffness, and improved range of motion. Thanks!
Phil D, Yelp

★★★★★ An excellent, deep tissue massage that was both relaxing and healing from the stress of working at the computer all day and life’s added stresses. Casey is very professional: calming in his presence, well-versed in effective therapeutic technique and intuitive in his reading of your needs. Slept really great afterward. Will I go back for more? Definitely.
Scott P, Google

★★★★★ “Best massage ever!  And more!  not only does he fix what hurts (3 buldged discs and torn ligament in ankle) but he tells you how to fix it by showing you precise excercises to strengthen where you are weak so you get better.  If you are an athlete and enjoy working out, he is the best!  I have never met anyone like him, and I have been to about 6 people in SF and 13 people in Portland prior to finding him.  He knows how everything connects and tells you how to lift and stretch to fix your weak spots.  After your massage he takes you into a work out room in the back and demonstrates and watches you do excercises to make sure you are doing them right.  I injured myself 8/29/11.  I started seeing Casey this september (2 years later).  And he started me on the path to recovery.  Just yesterday my spine doctor told me I can play softball again, for the first time in more than 2 years.  Casey gets that credit.  (I should mention I am 32 and played 2 sports in college and have been working out 4-5 days a week my entire life, including restricted workouts since Ive been injured) I would not be where I am without him.  I plan to see him regularly as long as I live here.”
Kel K, Yelp

★★★★★ “Wonderful listener! I’ve been to other therapists w/my woes of aches & pains, they don’t always focus on areas that needs the most treatment. I would always leave with my back still sore & tense. After my session w/Casey, I felt very relaxed. Casey is very passionate about his job; he educated me on muscle groups & provided exercises to do between sessions. It shows professionalism and that he cares about his clients
Vivienne S, Citysearch

★★★★★ “For the past 4 years I have had a job that requires me to sit at a desk 8hrs a day… and you can just imagine what that has done to my back! The past few weeks it has felt so bad to the point that it takes me forever to fall asleep, trying to find a position that’s comfortable for my back. I went in to see Casey and he worked his therapeutic magic and I am finally able to get a good nights sleep again! Casey is very professional and good at what he does, he makes sure to pay attention to each individuals specific needs. Apparently I had tense muscles in my calves and legs that I wasn’t even aware of, which will be very helpful for the next time I go in and he asks, “What areas do you need worked on most?” Thanks to Casey, now I know! :) I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family! In fact, I already did!”
Tamara S, Yelp

★★★★★ “Casey is absolutely amazing. In May I was  involved in a car accident which resulted in a fractured spine. Ever since then my muscles have been very tense and I couldnt find relief through yoga and stretch alone. I have been seeking help for months, going to Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Doctors. I am an athletic person and take my fitness very seriously and I needed to find a way to heal my back and return to my original state before my accident. I am so happy to have found Casey. He is truly amazing at what he does. He found tight spots in my body that I didnt even know were tense. He uses his thumbs as opposed to just his forearm and elbow to really work out the trouble areas. I require a very deep tissue massage with alot of pressure and most people cant do that, he can. After his massage I slept like a baby for the first night in months since my accident. I highly recommend Casey for anyone who needs relief from an injury or just looking to pamper themselves.
Olga P, Yelp

★★★★★ Casey’s a great LMT and very professional in his therapeutic treatments. I loved my massage…wish I could go in more often…and look forward to the next time. Casey’s a guy’s guy…someone who can relate to others who are physically active…and he’s not only skilled with his hands but he also provides good advice for how to manage your body and muscles in between sessions (to hopefully improve the related value of coming in to see him). I’ll be going back…and in fact already have.
Michael T, Google

★★★★★ “A massage with lasting effects! Thank you for an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic session. As a sales person, I spend most of my time sitting in the car. Casey was able to find and manipulate spots that I didn’t realize were affecting me. Post massage my body felt less tense, more flexible and I noticed improvement in my posture.  Casey is professional with a firm yet gentle touch. He listens to what your needs are and is great about checking in to make sure you are comfortable.  I also found the environment to be calming and positive.  As a former LMT, I highly recommend you visit Casey at Performance Bodywork for your next massage!
Angela L, Yelp

★★★★★ I appreciate the time and attention that Casey gives me at each appointment. He listens to me and my body, uses different techniques to help with different issues and works with me to strengthen and correct problem areas. I have definitely seen improvement since working with him. And the space is nice and has off-street parking.”
Melissa B, Google

★★★★★ Casey has been massaging my legs to help me with some running aches and pains. I am a triathlete and trail runner starting to run some 50k ultras. If you’re an athlete (runner, cyclist, etc) then Casey is the LMT to see! Also, he incorporates stretching and strengthening recommendations into his visits. This makes so much sense because a massage alone may or may not solve your aches and pains, but a combination of massage, stretching and strengthening can work wonders!
Alex Ann W, Google

★★★★★ “This is my first time getting a sports massage therapy with Casey and he is awesome! I had the worse pain in my hamstring, IT band, and glute from marathon training, but working with Casey really helped to reduce the fatigue and pain.  Casey’s really professional and has a lot of knowledge as a therapist.  He really understands how the body moves and works during sports events. He also showed me a few stretches which helped a lot.  Thanks, Casey!”
Phethanousone X, Yelp

★★★★★ I am a massage therapist myself, so I know what I’m saying when I say that I got a REALLY great massage from Casey Holliman! Casey knew what I did for a living (massage therapy and sitting at a computer for long hours), and tailored the massage to help ease tightness in the areas most affected by those postures. My upper shoulders and hips have always been a problem, and he zeroed in on those areas and freed them up so I could continue on with my day. His space is also nice and calming. Thanks Casey! Cant wait to see you again!
Rhonda S, Google