Matthew Erwin, LMT, CFSS

<strong>Matthew Erwin, LMT, CFSS</strong>
Matthew Erwin, LMT, CFSSMassage Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist
As a massage therapist and certified fascial stretch therapist, Matthew focuses on therapeutic/sports massage for fixing muscular imbalances, recovery, mobility and pain management. Treatments with Matthew are typically a combination of Fascial Stretch Therapy and Manual Therapy(therapeutic/sports massage) techniques. This means most sessions will be less of a traditional, undressed massage with sheets and lotions, but rather it will have more of a similar feel to working with a chiropractor or physical therapist. A session will typically include an initial conversation regarding goals of the session, visual and/or manual assessments, treatments, re-assessments, and explanation of recommended self-care to continue progress. As such, make sure to wear or bring athletic wear for the session. He believes this type of session leads to the most efficient use of time for whatever your goals may be, whether it is pain-relief, performance enhancement or increased mobility.
Matthew started in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer after graduating from UC Santa Barbara where he studied Philosophy and Exercise and Sports Studies, along with weekly bio-mechanics seminars on top of the standard coursework. Looking for another perspective on how to work with the body, he went on to study massage therapy at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy’s 800 hour massage program. After beginning work as a massage therapist, Matthew attended all four currently offered certifications by the Stretch to Win Institute to become a Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist. He combines his knowledge from all of his studies with hands-on experience ranging from working with a large physical therapy office in Las Vegas to a high-end resort in Santa Barbara.
Starting his research of the body as a high school wrestler, and now an avid fitness enthusiast, recreational athlete and outdoorsman; Matthew understands the aches, injuries, and muscular issues associated with being active and competitive. Utilizing massage therapy in conjunction with Fascial Stretch Therapy allows him to stay active, efficient and able to maximize potential, as he does with his clients. He prefers FST sessions for fixing aches/pains and improving performance/mobility, and prefers traditional massage sessions for when he is feeling very beat up, drained, and in need of general TLC.

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  • Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist (Stretch to Win Institute)
    Level 3 Medical and Fitness Certifications

  • OR License #22235


  • Fascial Stretch Therapy Association (FSTA)

Preferred Provider

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Providence

  • Cigna (Out of Network)

  • Aetna

  • MODA & United Healthcare (Out of Network)

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What Clients Say

“Got referred by a friend for a nagging hip problem to Matt.  Along with massage he specializes in this thing called Fascial Stretch Therapy which is a series of these mind blowing stretches. Absolutely recommend this! Wow.”
Donald J.,
“Got a massage from Matt last week…it was amazing. I have been getting sport and deep tissue massages for the majority of my adult life and as a high school athlete, and this one by far helped me the most in regards to tissue relaxation and joint recovery. Especially as a crossfit gal, I need this more often.  To follow the massage Matt did some deep tendon or fascial release stretching. How this is not thing after every massage I am not sure. Very nice, polite, and welcoming guy on top of it…don’t waste your money anywhere else.”
Janna B.,
“I have been seeing Matthew Erwin for massage once a week for several months due to some injuries from a car accident.  He is very comfortable to be around and has done a great job in working out my many, many knots in my back and neck.”
Veda T.,