Sports Massage Portland, OR

Sports Massage Portland OregonSports massage consists of manipulation of soft tissue of the body, and focuses on areas that are specific to the athlete’s sport/activity.  It can be used pre-event for preparation in order to warm the tissues up and ‘awaken’ them.  Post-event massage is used for recovery, and can be performed immediately after your event/activity, or up to a few days after.  Sports massage is often used in the middle of an event or sport if any issues arise, such as cramping or any number of injuries in order to get the athlete back out there. 

Many people schedule sports massages regularly throughout their training routines in order to help with the ‘wear and tear’ on their body.  It is very beneficial in keeping your tissues loose, flexible and performing at their best in order to help the athlete reach their goals, and by also reducing the risk of any injuries that could pop up from over-training.

Whatever your needs, sports massage is beneficial for people of all activity levels, from elite professionals, weekend warriors, or recreational athletes.