Desk Workers: Part 2 – Postural Exercises

Upper Cross Syndrome is a condition that many desk workers have.  It is a postural abnormality where your upper body and head is being drawn forward due to being hunched over a desk all day.  This doesn’t affect just desk workers, but anyone who is doing prolonged activities that require them to have their arms reaching out in front of them, such as with people who drive long distances, or cyclists.
This photo to the left shows the muscles that become overly tight with this postural dysfunction, and the muscles that are weak, or inactive. 
In upper cross syndrome the […]

Desk Workers: Part 1 – Ergonomics

One of the more common conditions I treat would be upper back and neck pain/stiffness. The majority of us spend a decent amount of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer, whether it is for your job, using social media, researching or playing a game.  Something as simple as sitting, you wouldn’t think there should be a problem, right?  But for a lot of people, sitting too much or in the wrong positions can be more aggravating to their body than any other activity they do in their life. For people who work long hours at […]