Fascial Stretch Therapy is a Game Changer!

I first became aware of Fascial Stretch Therapy in 2011 when I was in massage school. I did not look too deep into it at the time because I was so focused on finishing school and just getting my new career started, so it quickly was forgotten in the back of my mind. I then graduated and went full throttle into my new career as a sports massage therapist. My clientele grew rapidly and I put all of my effort into building my practice.

Fascial Stretch Therapy came back to me early 2015 when one of my regular clients returned […]

Best Sports Massage in the Northwest!

I am happy to announce that Performance Bodywork has been voted as “Best Sports Massage of 2013″ by Competitor Running Magazine of the entire Pacific Northwest Region! (including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and parts of Canada)
Thank you to all who nominated and voted for me, I greatly appreciate it!!
Below is a link to the online source:
Best of Competitor 2013

Have You Used Your Foam Roller Today?

Foam rollers come in many different styles, shapes and densities.  Some have a soft surface, some are very solid, there are half-rolls, short, long, spongy or plastic, and rollers with knobby edges or grooves when you need to reach those deeper structures.  I use a foam roller regularly as part of my fitness and workout routine, and I recommend using one for all of my clients.

Benefits of Using Foam Rollers

Most of you have at least seen somebody using a foam roller at some point at your gym, but if you have never used one, you may want to start.  […]

Desk Workers: Part 2 – Postural Exercises

Upper Cross Syndrome is a condition that many desk workers have.  It is a postural abnormality where your upper body and head is being drawn forward due to being hunched over a desk all day.  This doesn’t affect just desk workers, but anyone who is doing prolonged activities that require them to have their arms reaching out in front of them, such as with people who drive long distances, or cyclists.
This photo to the left shows the muscles that become overly tight with this postural dysfunction, and the muscles that are weak, or inactive. 
In upper cross syndrome the […]

Lactic Acid Build-Up and DOMS Myth

Most anybody who has ever exercised has experienced what is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), or sometimes referred to as ‘muscle fever’.  DOMS is typically felt anywhere from several hours to days after exercise.  Usually in cases where the exercise is intense, or if it is something new that the body is not used to (such as trying to run a half marathon without doing any training for it). In the past it was believed that DOMS was caused by a build up of Lactic Acid in the blood.  Lactic Acid is a by-product that is released […]

The Psoas and Back Pain

Lately I have had quite a few clients coming in complaining of similar, low back symptoms.  Each of them have also displayed the same postural abnormalities, consistent with someone who sits all day at a desk, which they also all work desk jobs.  If you have, or have ever had low back pain, often times one of the main culprits is a tight Psoas muscle.
Where is the Psoas?  The Psoas is one of the largest, thickest muscles in the body.  It is our primary hip flexor muscle, so it lifts the leg at the hip up toward our chest.  […]