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Located in the Goose Hollow area of Southwest Portland, OR.  Walking distance from the Max, NW 23rd and just two blocks from Providence Park.  Specializing in sports massage therapy, therapeutic deep tissue, fascial stretch therapy, and rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries.  Including sports injuries, car accidents, personal and overuse injuries, chronic conditions, pain management, or just general maintenance from everyday wear and tear.

Sports Massage benefits everybody, not just athletes.

Performance Bodywork therapists are a team of highly skilled individuals, with each having their own unique style, and who all genuinely enjoy their work.  They excel in helping people recover from injuries and feel better. Each session is tailored to your individual, and current needs whether it is to relieve pain and tightness, rehab an injury, or to keep your body maintained from stress of your job or active lifestyle.

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We prefer you book online as we do not have a full time receptionist to answer calls. To get started, first choose your therapist!

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Fascial Stretch Therapy™

fascial stretch therapy portland
Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a table based assisted stretching treatment utilizing traction of the joint capsule, and focusing on the fascia of the clients body. Read more about Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Sports Massage Portland Oregon

Sports massage is beneficial for people of all activity levels.  It helps to speed up recovery, reduces the risk of injury, and increases performance by keeping your body in peak condition!   Read More

Deep Tissue Massage Portland Oregon

Deep tissue massage is used when addressing a specific complaint or injury.  Some common issues include neck/back pain, sports injuries, car accidents, tight muscles, etc.   Read More

Car Accident Injury Massage Portland Oregon

Massage therapy for pain and injuries resulting from a car accident can be one of the most effective ways to heal your body, both physically and emotionally, and your insurance pays for it!   Read More

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